Erickson Park Capital Campaign

Imagine a beautiful lake nuzzled inside of a vast forest, where fish sprang to life, snatching insects that buzzed across the liquid plain; where families could sit on a dock and cast their fishing lines into the water. A place where anyone, no matter their ability, could find a spot to sit and bask in the cool air. This lake was a dream by a DNR Warden, a Rod and Gun Club member, and a YMCA instructor. Together they set out to make this place a reality.

The project to create Ericson Park would cost approximately $2.1 million. The group set out to raise money through the community. They quickly found the public was willing to give what they could to make this dream a reality. Darley was quick to donate to this endeavor. The Special Friends Incorporated joined as a project sponsor and worked with the community to collect funds. Also, they were able to acquire a Match Grant that matched every dollar the community raised.

At Darley, it is important to give back to the public, especially when the community is willing to help each other. During these turbulent times, it’s meaningful to recognize that all it takes to make a dream a reality is a DNR Warden, a Rod and Gun Club member, a YMCA instructor, and a community that cares.