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The Darley Hydrant Booster pump is the ideal solution for a rural or volunteer Fire Department that struggles with low water pressure.

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Lower Your Community's ISO Rating & Always Have Access To Reliable Water Pressure

What Is The Hydrant Booster?

In order for a fire department to operate effectively and efficiently it must have a trained staff, working equipment and a water supply. The Darley Hydrant Booster is an essential piece of equipment that helps ensure reliable equipment and access to a pressurized water supply. For rural areas or any area with inadequate water pressure, the Darley Hydrant Booster is your solution for consistent, reliable hydrant pressure. Your department can be confident that you will have the reliable water pressure you need.

  • Production Rate: Up to 3000 gpm @ 250 psi
  • Mounted on a fully integrated skid unit
  • Lower ISO rating
  • Automatic operation
Case Study

Lower Your Community’s
ISO Rating

The implementation of a stationary Hydrant Booster™ pump receives the equivalent ISO reduction as a Class A pumper. The Hydrant Booster™ is less expensive than buying a new truck for the department and will provide a faster turnaround time for rural areas that have few hydrants. After successful installation of three hydrant boosters in Corrales, NM the ISO rating lowered ISO rating in the community from a Class 7 to a Class 4 rating. In Santa Rita NM, the ISO rating improved from allowing funds saved to be applied towards additional fire and safety equipment.

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